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I was looking for a new desktop set up recently, and I explored a bunch of


E-GPU just stands for External GPU. I was browsering online a week ago and found this

So i was like maybe i should give it a try with my new macbook.

To fit into the Akitio box, you actually need an extra mini videocard. I just took out the motherboard of akitio (PCIE to Thunderbolt) and plugged my video card in :

· 4 min read
  • Denoted by []
  • [ae] -> matches an 'a' and an 'e', not multiple:
    • i.e. gr[ae]y will match grey and gray
  • [a-z] -> hyphen specifies a range of characters:
    • i.e. [0-9] matches a single digit
    • i.e.2 [a-f] matches a char in a-f
  • [a-z0-9A-F] -> groups of hyphen specifies a group of ranges
  • qx -> caret after openning bracket negates the character class:
    • i.e. qX matches qu in question
    • i.e. must write it at the front of a class/set

· 9 min read

Metanautix now has Personal Quest online where individual users can download and do analytics on desktop. I have been working on a new systematic way to learn music theory and do musical analysis with mathematical matrix and vectors, and Quest is a critical tool in query on large dataset such as a pool of thousands of song scores. In this article, I will talk about my methodology in detail.

An overview for my system will be: image

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  • search algorithms for graphs and trees
  • used for unordered graph and tree
  • graph representation
    • adjacent list: space O(V+E)
    • adjacent matrix: space O(V^2)

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Here is a quick showcase of a project I have been playing around with recently. An Midi Control Pad installed on SG being synced with an arduino.

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During a software development, a team usually have different roles, each role is responsible at a certain stage of the development period. Summarizing them into a flowchart, it will show as follow:

Git vs SVN such as Perforce:

Reset Porblems

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ListaddremovegetcontainsnextData Structure
LinkedListO(1)O(1)O(n)O(n)O(1)Linked List