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New Year Thoughts and Goals

· 2 min read
Carl Liu

Definition of Goals

  • Subjective vs Objective
  • Goals can be gamed by blurring its measure of success:
    • ❌Wrong: I made a good product because I think people will like it
    • ✔️Correct:
      • Physical Fact: Humans landed on the moon
      • Economic Fact: People like to pay millions of dollars for a software license per year

First Principal thinking

  • Get to the fundamentals than learning the buzz words
    • ❌Wrong: Learning definitions of Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, Metaverse...
    • ✔️Correct: Understanding FSM "finite state machine", Turning Completeness, Gödel's incomplete theorem... (This is why getting a degree in Business is so less valuable than getting a degree in Engineering. If I give you a book that has the same business strategy as Airbnb, you probably won't build another Airbnb; Whereas, if I give you a snippet of code, whether its 0 or 1, you can justify it in hours)

Finding the next high ROI Project

  • keep finding the problem that hasn't been solved by most people yet
  • if you are not an early bird to pick the low hanging fruits, chances are the only fruits left are rotten and high up in the tree which you might break your ankel getting it

Information Hygiene

  • Quality of information is important
  • Focus on original, non-translated, academical textbooks than reading short fragmented articles online
  • Focus on picking the atomic information