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How should I use Identity?

· 2 min read
Carl Liu

This is an ongoing blog...


  • Humans unite when there is a common enemy
  • Core values and organization cultures can increase productivity of a team
  • When people are not confident, they tend to use the bigger identity to hide themselves:
    • I work for a big corp
    • I am from a developed city xxx/country xxx/continent xxx
    • I went to xxx University

About Ego

Understanding that our identity is not fixed but is rather a collection of ideas and interpretations about who we are can give us the capacity to, when necessary, think critically about what our ego is telling us particularly when the instinct is there to preserve our identity, or ego, at all costs. The ego has gotten a lot of bad rap, but the truth is that the ego is neither negative nor positive. It is merely a sense of self that allows us to operate and function in the world, giving us an idea of who we are and where we belong. The ego is only problematic when it takes control over us rather than our true selves being in control, and when the things it tells us to do or how it is interpreting events becomes damaging to us and/or others.