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· 4 min read

Tableau Conference in general is a platform that Tableau hosts every year for Tableau community and users to learn, collaborate, and network.

The previous company I used to work with was in Tableau Conference 2014, and they had a demo back then with a lego car:

· 6 min read

As Data Analyst and Business Intelligence are becoming familar topics around the business world; SAP, as one of the leaders for enterprise solutions, has been trying to look for new opportunites in the horizon. SAP HANA has become their main strategy, which provides business partners a way to leverage massiave amount of data in real time, query insights and make business decisions more accurately based on anticipated business changes. As SAP official document explains how HANA works, I will not spend too much time on HANA architecture here. In short, SAP HANA is a huge piece of RAM on the cloud that has various systems and algorithms built in ready to go for analytics:

· 7 min read

When I joined Business Process and Information Technology Department of, I was assigned to a team which was responsible for a development of the Internet giant's ERP system. During my service at the company, I was amazed by the amount of efficiency improvement owning to process management software. Meanwhile, there exists such a similarity between Redux, which is a functional programming based framework suggested by Facebook, and ERP process management.

Redux and Functional Programming

What is Redux?

Redux is a Javascript library that is based on concept of Flux, which provides a great framework to maintain state management (it plays a crucial role combining with React.js which renders JSX based on state-change). Following diagram illustrates a simple paradigm. image